Wholesale catering

As cafe owners ourselves, we understand that running a Cafe or Restaurant can be quite hectic. Most of you are time poor, so we can help.  

Aroma Lily is family owned and operated over the past 10 years and have become the reputable supplier for Cafes across Melbourne. Be it breakfast, sandwiches and rolls, desserts, warm or cold savouries, we have a wide range of options to choose from. No need to order from multiple suppliers when you have all your needs in one place. 

We make ordering easy with our quick order menu. 


All orders are paid online and upfront before we can start preparations.

Place your order before 2pm to receive your order the next day

For larger orders (>$500), please provide 2 days notice to prepare. (Excludes public holidays and weekends)

Item SKU Price Qty
New York Bagel

BFAST001 $7.80
Mini Croissants

BFAST002 $7.20
Mini Breakfast Baguettes

BFAST003 $7.20
Homemade Mini Quiches

BFAST005 $3.60
Danish Pastries

BFAST006 $6.60
Mini Muffins - Savoury

BFAST007 $3.60
Mini Muffins - Sweet

BFAST008 $3.60
New York Style Mini Bagels

BFAST009 $7.20
Large Gourmet Muffins

BFAST010 $5.40
Breakfast Fruit Platter

BFAST011 $6.00
Executive Mixed Sandwiches

SANDS001 $9.00
Ribbon Sandwiches

SANDS002 $9.60
Chequerboard Sandwiches

SANDS003 $8.80
Gourmet Rustic Sandwiches

SANDS005 $11.10
Mini Baguettes

SANDS006 $7.90
Italian Panini

SANDS008 $15.50
Pita Wraps

SANDS010 $9.60
Dips & Crudites

ASSPLA001 $9.00
Sushi Platter

ASSPLA002 $15.50
Fruit Platter

ASSPLA003 $9.90
Cheese Platter

ASSPLA004 $9.60
Gourmet Cheese & Fruit Platter

ASSPLA005 $17.50
Cheese & Fruit Platter

ASSPLA006 $14.00
California Rolls

COLDS001 $3.30
Caramelised Onion & Goats Cheese Tarts

COLDS002 $3.30
Ricotta, Spinach & Parmesan Tarts

COLDS003 $3.30
Smoked Salmon Blinis

COLDS004 $3.30
Tomato, Fetta, Spinach & Pesto Tarts

COLDS005 $3.30
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

COLDS006 $3.30
Gourmet Mini Lamb Burger

WARMS001 $5.80
Party Pies

WARMS003 $3.30
Spring rolls & Prawn Cutlets

WARMS005 $4.50
Beef Burgundy Party Pies

WARMS006 $4.50
Mini quiches

WARMS007 $3.60
Lamb & Rosemary Sausage Rolls

WARMS009 $4.20
Risotto Balls

WARMS012 $4.20
Pumpkin Arancini Balls

WARMS015 $4.80
Mini Gingerbread Men

DESSRT004 $2.00
Petit Caramel Slice

DESSRT005 $3.30
Petit Rum Ball

DESSRT008 $2.70
Petit Vanilla Bite

DESSRT009 $3.30
Rocky Road (half cuts)

DESSRT010 $3.30
Vanilla Slice

DESSRT011 $5.95
Yo Yos

DESSRT012 $5.20
Dutch Biscuits

DESSRT014 $3.30
Fresh Baked Scones

DESSRT015 $4.60
Miniature Cupcakes

DESSRT016 $3.60
Mini Lemon Tarts

DESSRT017 $4.00
Small Muffins

DESSRT018 $3.60
Brownies (Half cuts)

DESSRT019 $3.60
Mini Cheesecakes

DESSRT020 $4.50
Mushroom Risotto Balls

WARMS013 $4.20